New Mul-T-Lock Hardware


ENTR Lock Hardware

I am happy to announce the arrival of new lock hardware. I am carrying  Mul-T-Lock Junior. Also, I have the ENTR deadbolt line. You can now access your house or business via App, Remote or Pinpad.

Mul-T-Lock Junior

Junior hardware is an inexpensive option when all you need is a cost effective solution for your door. Junior utilizes the technology and manufacturing that you can expect from Mul-T-Lock. So that you don’t have to compromise on quality by settling for imitations.

Features and Specifications

  • High Quality, standard of security cylinder
  • A cost effective solution when high security is not needed
  • 3 keys and 1 card per cylinder/lock
  • 5 chamber pin within pin
  • Available keyed different (KD) or keyed alike (KA)
  • You will receive a card for convenience , but not used in key control
  • Available in Rim/Mortise Cylinder, Euro Profile, Key in Knob, and Single/Double Deadbolt

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  1. Hi Sir Andrew! I have a couple of questions on this produce: Is it mechanical? What’s the cost for re-keying & re-placing keys? The Card, how much to replace/make? Are you saying the card can replace key? Thanks

    • The lock is mechanical. It is a pin-in-pin type lock. The cost to remedy the lock is $15 dollars and duplicates are $10. There is only one card and that’s the only way to get duplicates. I hope this information helps.

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