A Dismissive Attitude

I am writing this blog not only to my clients, but to myself as well. I need these words to remind me of what is important. Every person that I call client/customer is important to me. I do not have a hierarchy.  Many of business associates tell me to prioritize my clients. It’s not something that I am willing to do. All calls are important to me in the order they arrive. I try my best to hold everything, but I always fall short. So many are forgotten I my need to get things done.

As I write this post, I am currently in Palau. Some would to enjoy the time. I so wish that I could do that. But I have bent towards the idea of work. And with how much my cell phone rings, I will always have work ahead of me. Please bear with me, I am but human.

My last thought is where I began. I do not dismiss any person or persons who call me. I only wish to see the job come to completion.


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