Welcome to the New Andrew’s Safe and Lock Home Page

At the present time, Andrew’s Safe and Lock is closed for end of the year paperwork and upgrading. I hope that I can have my office in better shape and appearance. I will be have my office open and be taking call on the 8th of October

Welcome to the Andrew’s Safe and Lock home page. Like many of the past incarnations, this site is here to give as much information about Security and Security related subjects. I will continue to add content pertaining to products and services I provide. I am also expanding out to other websites that I manage in relation to specific services and hardware. Pages on this site will have information about:

  • Products- All of the different hardware lines that I already carry and new one soon to be introduced
  • Services- I provide services in the following areas: Automotive, Commercial, Residential, Safe and Vault, Access Control, and much more.
  • Downloads– This page currently lists catalogs for hardware lines that I carry.
  • DIY- There are a lot of things that You, the consumer can do yourself. Things that will save you time and money.
  • GSA- Many locks and safes used by the Military and Federal Agencies are governed by strict set of guidelines. I will be here to help with compliance issues.
  • Videos- I hope to have videos posted to the site. Again for the sake of education. If I find something on YouTube that meets the sites needs, I’ll post it.
  • Links- I have other web domains that will be used for specific subjects. I do have another site that is meant for car keys and remotes: guamautokeys.com I am working on making that one better as well.
  • Social Media- I am always looking for content to share on all Social Media channels. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to start. Just go to my Contact Page for all this information.

Call me any time you have an question about lock hardware, home and business security. I am here to help.

Feel free to send me a message