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Welcome to the Andrew’s Safe and Lock website.

Andrew’s Safe and Lock is a full service Locksmith company.  It offers the following:

  • High Security Lock Hardware
  • Emergency Automotive Opening
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Automotive Transponder Systems
  • Access Control Solutions
  • GSA Safe and Vault Technician and Inspector
  • Masterkey Planning and Implementation

Please let me know if there is any thing you want to know about the Products and Services I provide.  I promise to continue adding more to the site.  Bookmark and come back soon.

Guam’s Source For High Security Lock Hardware

Andrew’s Safe and Lock is there to provide the best in High Security Lock Hardware.  One of the biggest problem today is a lack of Key Control and Security. Is your home, business and possessions really secured with a $2 key? No, it isn’t.  These types of keys are easily assessable at the nearest hardware store or mall outlet. The best thing you can do to protect your valuables is to use door locks and deadbolts with a restricted or Utility Patented key blank.  This will help you against unauthorized duplications.  We carry the following brands for this reason:

  • Abloy Protec™
  • Keymark X4™
  • Marks HI-SECURITY™
  • Medeco™
  • Mul-T-Lock™

 SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core) for all your Construction, Institutional, and Masterkey System needs

Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) is a rapidly expanding lock technology.  It make work of changing keys for all hardware formats.  Andrew’s Safe and Lock is a specialist in this field of locksmiths. I carry all the major brands: Medeco, KSP, Keymark, Marks, Falcon, Schlage and much more.


Andrew's Safe and Lock- Medeco X4

Medeco X4

Andrew's Safe and Lock- Original Best Core

Original Best Core

Medeco XT

Medeco XT

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